#1 First Release

Amazing. Someone told me after church on Sunday that Old Lady on the Trail was #1 First Release on Amazon. When I got home I looked it up. Indeed, it was so. Well mostly. Kindle is showing it is #1 First Release in its categories and at one point it was as high in categories as 4. I am sure that is thanks to friends and hiker groups I have found on Face Book. Many thanks to those who have bought the book in Kindle or in Paperback.

I eagerly wait to see some reviews but it does take a bit of time to read. Some folks have posted on Face Book that they enjoy reading it and have told others. How wondrous to watch other people enjoy what I have written.

This is all a whole new world for me.

I am supposed to be interviewed for a podcast on Sunday afternoon for Hikelikeawoman.com. I will post when the podcast will be available, (later than Sunday)

November 18 there will be a book signing at All Saints Lutheran Church, although I do not know the time for that yet either. I will post when time has been decided.

As a first time author, and an old lady at that, this is an amazing experience. And yes, I hope to write another book or two.

October 18, 2018

Old Lady on the Trail is live on Amazon today!

Amazon surprised me a little. The Kindle version went up live yesterday for pre-order. The paperback was in review. They said it could take 3 days. Then, bingo, they just put it all up live last night. I suppose it is sort of like a preorder as it takes a little time to reach you.

The plan for getting lots of people to buy it on the same day which helps an author’s standings is sort of gone. But I am VERY excited to say the book is live. Go to Amazon. Write in Old Lady on the Trail book and you will see the book in kindle and in paperback. Purchase whatever you want. I hope you enjoy the read!

If you enjoy this book, please write a review and post on Amazon or Goodreads to help another reader decide on this book.

Thank you!

ALDHA-West Gathering October 12th -14th

ALDHA-West (American Long Distance Hiking Association) Gathering meets October 12-October 14, 2018 at Camp Kiwanis, Mt Hood, Oregon.

ALDHA-West and the Triple Crown

The American Long Distance Hiking Association West (ALDHA-West) is an organization of individuals interested in the pursuit of all aspects of Long Distance hiking. Membership covers a wide range of ages, from teenagers to octogenarians, and many experience levels, from wannabes to members who’ve logged 10’s of thousands of trail miles spanning the globe.

The annual ALDHA-West Gathering is simply that, a gathering of hikers who share a love of long distance outings. The Gathering rotates each year to a different west coast state going from Washington to Oregon to California. Last year’s Gathering was held in Colorado. This year it is Oregon.

Workshops, world-class presentations about hikes around the world and the many aspects of backpacking culture, trails, and know-how flow through the weekend. This is also a great weekend where you can make new friends or see old ones year after year after year. What started in 1994 as a group of 7 committed hikers in the western hiking community getting together and showing a few slides has evolved into a full-sized event with all of the amenities of a professional conference- while still offering a setting befitting of love of the natural world.

The Triple Crown Awards ceremony highlights the weekend Saturday evening. Here the Triple Crown Award is given to people who’ve hiked all of the three major long distance trails (Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail).