Knee Replacement

I have not written a blog entry in far too long. My apologies to those faithful people who signed up to read what I would write.

I had a knee replacement on November 27 and that took my mind off writing blogs for my web page, though I did write some on Facebook.

I am continuing to recover following the replacement but rehab does not happen in a day or two. Today at Physical Therapy my knee measured 98 degrees of bend which was more than I was expecting. Yay! And I am up to walking a half mile twice a day if weather and my schedule cooperate. However, if the knee is still for more than 5 minutes it reverts to pretending it is stuck in concrete and requires up to 20 efforts to bend it until it again agrees. So I am still not driving as bending ones knee 20 times before hitting the brake could be a bad thing.

While laid up with a recovering knee I have had quite a trip watching how my book is selling on Amazon. It has actually sold pretty darn well, a surprise to me and quite exciting. In 2018 it sold 2,999 copies and people still appear to be buying it in 2019. One day it was even the best seller in two categories in the Kindle store. Often it has been #2-3 and right now #4. Funny, the #1 ranking day was definitely not the day with the most books sold. Your ranking depends as much on the number of books sold by other people on a particular day as it does on how many of your books sell that same day. At any rate I am quite happy with how this adventure is going.

Reading reviews is another adventure too. Several reviews wish I had included pictures. Yes, I have thousands. But pictures would have raised the price of the book quite significantly and probably few copies would have been sold because of the price. Some reviews say Old Lady on the Trail is the best trail book they ever read and is very well written. A couple others said the book was a waste of time and money and poorly written. Fortunately there are far more of the former comments than the latter. Interestingly, some complain about the time spent on flowers and some rave about the descriptions of flowers. Some find it repetitious and some appreciate every detail. Some like my emphasis on aging and others complain that I talk too much about being old. I have come to the conclusion that reviews tell me more about the people writing them than about the book.

Yet a writer is very dependent upon there being reviews. Another author told me every positive review is worth $100 in sales. I am grateful for everyone who took the time to write a review, although I admit I enjoy reading the positive ones more than the negative ones.

I also appreciate each person who has signed on to this site to receive blogs and updates from me.

May 2019 bring healing, adventure, creativity, and enjoyment of the beauty of this world from me to you and back again. Life is good.