Book Signing

Another book signing is coming up Sunday, February 24, at Resurrection Lutheran Church, 4301 Browns Point Blvd NE, Tacoma, WA, from 2:00 to 3:30. Refreshments will be served. Some of Mary’s pictures of her trips on Triple Crown Trails will be on a powerpoint to view. And she will host a question and answer session after personalizing your copies of Old Lady on the Trail.

Podcast, Progress and Proselyte


I was interviewed by Hike Like  Woman back in November. The podcast was released and available a few days ago. You can go to Itunes and look up Hike Like  Woman. Hike Like  Woman, by the way, is one of the many hiking groups I have discovered online. It has chapters in several states and an Adventure Book Club too, which is featuring Old Lady on the Trail along with another book as their books to read and then discuss online in February. I hope you will enjoy the podcast as well as the book.

An online magazine called Healthy Aging has also picked me up and published an article about Old Lady on the Trail for subscribers in their winter edition. In the spring the article will be available on their website.

Another podcast also will be available sometime in February. I will post information when I have the details. Podcasts are fun. I get to talk about trails I have traveled, one of my favorite subjects.


The other note of progress about the book is that it has passed the 4,000 copy mark. Amazing!

Personal progress is happening also. I can now walk 2 miles twice a day, and they are even at a half way decent speed for two months post knee replacement – 24-26 minute miles. The new knee likes movement. It still doesn’t like being still. When sitting or standing or lying down, in virtually any position assumed for more than 10 minutes, the knee concludes it should never move again. I swear it talks to me, “What? Why do you want to bend (or straighten)? You left me here in this position. Isn’t that permanent?” “NO! Resting/sitting/standing is not meant to be permanent.” We have an on-going argument I hope to win sometime.


No, this is not about religion. But I needed another P word for the title and proselyte was the only one that came to mind. Well, it is a story about someone getting the walking religion.

A few weeks ago while beginning my quest to add blocks to my walking ability and progressing from walker to cane, I met a newish neighbor at the end of the block. Having become a walking publicity machine for my book, I told her I had written Old Lady on the Trail. She ordered it. I saw her again on one of my daily walks. She raved about the book. Cool! I, of course, love raves about my book. She said she wished she could walk like I could and see the things I had seen, especially the flowers. But, she said, of course she couldn’t walk that well anymore. (She is older than me but I really don’t know her age.)

I said, I didn’t know, but maybe she could walk somewhere to see the flowers. “Really?” she responded. What would I suggest she should do? I suggested she start walking to the end of the block and back and slowly add a little bit more every few days.

The result is that I have a new sometime walking partner in my neighborhood. (I have another sometime walking partner – a neighbor and long time friend who had a knee replacement a couple weeks before mine.)

My new walking partner walks with a rolling walker and brings her dog on a leash. She has impressed me with her dedication to this new enterprise. Her pace has picked up and she has added blocks to the first two she started with. She also joined weight watchers and informed me today that she has lost 4 lbs. She is now up to 1.2 miles. Her walker has a seat and she rests part way, but she keeps adding blocks. And she told me this is all because she read my book and met me.

I can walk faster than she can but I am quite happy to walk with her (also with my other friend) when either or both are available. I get enough times when neither of them can walk with me to indulge in walking as fast as I can and as far as I can to push my rehab limits. And I can always walk farther than they want to but still enjoy their company until they have had enough.

I am thrilled with her progress, my walking proselyte. I am thrilled that reading my book and talking to me inspired her ambition. I am thrilled she has new ambitions and determination to be healthier. I hope to take her to Paradise on Mt Rainier this summer and take her on a path to see the flowers.



Knee Replacement

I have not written a blog entry in far too long. My apologies to those faithful people who signed up to read what I would write.

I had a knee replacement on November 27 and that took my mind off writing blogs for my web page, though I did write some on Facebook.

I am continuing to recover following the replacement but rehab does not happen in a day or two. Today at Physical Therapy my knee measured 98 degrees of bend which was more than I was expecting. Yay! And I am up to walking a half mile twice a day if weather and my schedule cooperate. However, if the knee is still for more than 5 minutes it reverts to pretending it is stuck in concrete and requires up to 20 efforts to bend it until it again agrees. So I am still not driving as bending ones knee 20 times before hitting the brake could be a bad thing.

While laid up with a recovering knee I have had quite a trip watching how my book is selling on Amazon. It has actually sold pretty darn well, a surprise to me and quite exciting. In 2018 it sold 2,999 copies and people still appear to be buying it in 2019. One day it was even the best seller in two categories in the Kindle store. Often it has been #2-3 and right now #4. Funny, the #1 ranking day was definitely not the day with the most books sold. Your ranking depends as much on the number of books sold by other people on a particular day as it does on how many of your books sell that same day. At any rate I am quite happy with how this adventure is going.

Reading reviews is another adventure too. Several reviews wish I had included pictures. Yes, I have thousands. But pictures would have raised the price of the book quite significantly and probably few copies would have been sold because of the price. Some reviews say Old Lady on the Trail is the best trail book they ever read and is very well written. A couple others said the book was a waste of time and money and poorly written. Fortunately there are far more of the former comments than the latter. Interestingly, some complain about the time spent on flowers and some rave about the descriptions of flowers. Some find it repetitious and some appreciate every detail. Some like my emphasis on aging and others complain that I talk too much about being old. I have come to the conclusion that reviews tell me more about the people writing them than about the book.

Yet a writer is very dependent upon there being reviews. Another author told me every positive review is worth $100 in sales. I am grateful for everyone who took the time to write a review, although I admit I enjoy reading the positive ones more than the negative ones.

I also appreciate each person who has signed on to this site to receive blogs and updates from me.

May 2019 bring healing, adventure, creativity, and enjoyment of the beauty of this world from me to you and back again. Life is good.

Book Signing

November 10, 2018

I am amazed that the book is doing so well, I am even more amazed at all the help so many people are giving me. Two pastor friends fought over who was going to get the first book signing with the result that Pastor Jan Otto and Pastor Mary Corning Sanders are co-sponsoring a book signing at All Saints Lutheran Church, Auburn, Washington, on November 18, 2018 from 2:00-3:30.

I know not everyone who would like me to sign their book or Kindle page lives in Southwestern Washington but if you are there or visiting, you may enjoy the event.

All Saints’ Lutheran Church, 27225 Military Rad S, Auburn, Washington 98001


Another Adventure

There is more than one way to have an adventure. I am neither hiking nor writing. I am being Grandma.

The adventure is my daughter’s and her family’s. They plan to travel the United States for a year or two when her husband retires from the Army. So they put their house up for sale, bought an RV and are practicing living in a 43 foot toyhauler RV for a little less than a year. It sounds like a big space until you consider that they have eight children, ages 13 and under.

And I came to visit. My bed is a hassock in the daytime and a bed at the edge of the kitchen at night. Mom and Dad have a bed in a room of their own, Two girls share a loft. Six boys share queen bunks in the toyhauler part of the RV, big boys on the top bunk and little boys on the bottom. It is real togetherness.

In the morning we have school. My daughter homeschools and I help with reading, comprehension questions, and nagging to get the work done.

Walking to explore the area with a grandson, playing in playgrounds, bouncing on the bouncy pillow, (I just watch, my knee is in no shape to bounce.) a couple campfires, s’mores and a good bit of general chaos fill the days. And I have only been here a week.

Being Grandma is another glorious adventure.