October 18, 2018

Old Lady on the Trail is live on Amazon today!

Amazon surprised me a little. The Kindle version went up live yesterday for pre-order. The paperback was in review. They said it could take 3 days. Then, bingo, they just put it all up live last night. I suppose it is sort of like a preorder as it takes a little time to reach you.

The plan for getting lots of people to buy it on the same day which helps an author’s standings is sort of gone. But I am VERY excited to say the book is live. Go to Amazon. Write in Old Lady on the Trail book and you will see the book in kindle and in paperback. Purchase whatever you want. I hope you enjoy the read!

If you enjoy this book, please write a review and post on Amazon or Goodreads to help another reader decide on this book.

Thank you!