#1 First Release

Amazing. Someone told me after church on Sunday that Old Lady on the Trail was #1 First Release on Amazon. When I got home I looked it up. Indeed, it was so. Well mostly. Kindle is showing it is #1 First Release in its categories and at one point it was as high in categories as 4. I am sure that is thanks to friends and hiker groups I have found on Face Book. Many thanks to those who have bought the book in Kindle or in Paperback.

I eagerly wait to see some reviews but it does take a bit of time to read. Some folks have posted on Face Book that they enjoy reading it and have told others. How wondrous to watch other people enjoy what I have written.

This is all a whole new world for me.

I am supposed to be interviewed for a podcast on Sunday afternoon for Hikelikeawoman.com. I will post when the podcast will be available, (later than Sunday)

November 18 there will be a book signing at All Saints Lutheran Church, although I do not know the time for that yet either. I will post when time has been decided.

As a first time author, and an old lady at that, this is an amazing experience. And yes, I hope to write another book or two.